PHOTO: Stop Waiting In Vain, Jesus Is Not Coming Back Again – Popular Nigerian Pastor, Give Reasons

Stop Waiting In Vain, Jesus Is Not Coming Back Again – Popular Nigerian Pastor, Give Reasons

Popular Nigerian Pastor asks people to Stop Waiting In Vain that Jesus Is Not Coming Back Again

A Nigerian Pastor of Holyghost Cathedral Identified as Ufuoma Bernard who described himself as an alfa romeo, a Godist has said that Jesus is not coming Back again, advised people to stop waiting in Vain.

Jesus Is Not Coming

In a post seen by Detouchingstory, He wrote: “Jesus is not coming back again. Pastor Charles Taze Russell the founder of Jehovah’s witnesses gave 1914 as the date for Armageddon or the End of the world with Jesus spearheading the annihilation of the cursed and the emancipation of the redeemed. Nothing happened in 1914 instead his own life ended in the same year he proclaimed the end of the world based on some naughty ecclesiastical calculation.”

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“Pentecostal brethren are really taking this joke a notch higher by claiming a trumpet 🎺 will sound and Jesus will literally appear in the sky and gbam RAPU RAPTURE. See RAPTURE na! People will start flying like birds to the sky to meet Jesus while I’ll be left alone on earth. As Oyedepo joins Jesus in the sky I’ll rush to Otta and take over Covenant University 😂.”

“If truly Jesus is coming back again has it not taken too long? Two thousand years!”

Stop waiting in vain; Jesus is not coming back for you.”

“All those praise and worship we do in our numerous churches is not the worship of God. We’re just catching cruise. “

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“Jesus is not the only son of God and Christianity is not the only religion approved by God.”


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