You Are Mad – Popular Pastor Blasts Christians In Habit Of ‘Tapping’ Grace –

You Are Mad – Popular Pastor Blasts Christians In Habit Of ‘Tapping’ Grace

You Are Mad – Pastor Blasts Christians In Habit Of ‘Tapping’ Grace

A Ghanian pastor identified as Mensah Otabil, has reportedly lambast Christians who are in the habit of ”tapping” into other Christians’s grace, Newspremises reports.

Pastor Otabil who chastised Christian for tapping into other Christian’s grace, while speaking at at a church event recently, explained that, it is unbiblical to do so as the grace of God is available for all Christians to access and that it is unwise to tap grace from a pastor and not from the source of the grace.

According to him,

”These days I hear things from some Christians and it hurts me. My heart is wounded. People say things to me like ”Pastor, I want to tap into your grace. Sometimes they come and hold your feet. I say ”Are you crazy?”. What is wrong with you?My grace? Where did you read it in the bible? My Grace? It is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You Are Mad

You Are Mad

“How we can read the bible and still be foolish I don’t get it. It is not as if the bible is a secret document. It’s there. Written plain white. And then you will say you are coming to tap into my grace. Me Mensah Otabil? Are you mad?

“I live by the grace of God. If yu have to tap into grace, commensensically go to the

You Are Mad

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