‘’The Problem Of Nigeria Is From The Church – Mummy G.O –

‘’The Problem Of Nigeria Is From The Church – Mummy G.O

Mummy G.O says The Problem Of Nigeria Is From The Church

Popular Nigerian Preacher, Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo, well known as Mummy G.O, has taken up to discussion with the happenings in Nigeria, where she claimed that the problem of Nigeria is not from the kingdom of darkness but from the church.

Mummy G.O stated that the politicians in Nigeria are not evil, and are not doing the job they ought to do because the Pastors who helped them with prayers before attaining their position is not correcting them whenever they are doing the wrong thing.

“Our politicians are not demons; our leaders in this country are not evil. Every one of them, before they get to that position, one or two pastors prayed for them and prophesies ‘you are getting there’. When somebody tells me that I will become a Governor and I become that Governor, I think that person have the right to correct me? But they won’t do.

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They collect their share and remain silent. The problem of Nigeria is from the church not from the coven of darkness. We have power to control it, only by obeying God in sincerity,” Evangelist Funmi said.

She further recalled back to an encounter she had outside of the country where she was being asked to preach about corruption control but she refused, because she as a pot don’t want to call a kettle black by judging an issue which is common in her own country.

“Recently, I was invited to Cameroon and they asked me to come and teach people how to control corruption. I said me? From Nigeria to come and teach people about corruption, I was so ashamed. Same thing happened to me in Ethiopia, March 2021.

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How do I preach against corruption when I am from Nigeria? People will just laugh at me.

If other Pastors have this opportunity I had, they will be talking, no more shame in the pulpit. As long as their ministry is prospering, they don’t care if God is happy or if heaven is increasing. They just want large number of members and cars, that is all,” Mummy G.O concluded.


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