EXPOSED: Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl To Drink Alcohol Before Sleeping With Her, Photos

EXPOSED: Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl To Drink Alcohol Before Sleeping With Her, Photos

A teenage girl has revealed that a pastor of Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel slept with her after giving her alcohol to drink.


The 17-year-old girl recounted how the man of God, who is the resident head pastor of Winners Chapel Amagba branch, Rev. Kingsley Emeke Mokwunye, lured her into drinking alcohol and when she was drunk, took advantage of her after.

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The girl whose identity was not revealed made this revelation when she spoke to reporters in Benin City.

According to her, her sekzual affair with Rev. Kingsley Emeke began in September 2019 after she completed her secondary education.

Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl
Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl

Narrating her ordeal in tears, she called for the arrest and imprisonment of Rev. Kingsley.

“That was how he started calling me, talking to me till it gets to a time he told me that he likes me. I took it as a normal thing. He started taking advantage of me. He tells me I do not know what he is doing for me. He started showing me things I have not seen before and took me to places I have never been to. That was how it started. He was the first person to show me how condom looked like. He taught me how to take alcohol.

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“He told me not to tell my parents. He said they will understand what he is doing. He slept with me many times including our house when my parents are not at home.

“Thinking about the thing has affected me educationally. I could not read. The whole thing was disturbing me. When I told his wife, she said I was lying and told me to come to their house and repeat it before her husband.

“I want Pastor Kingsley to go to jail. I was always shocked anytime I am in church and see him preaching. I was afraid of telling my mother what was happening”. She recounted.

Her d istraught father who is also the Board Chairman of the church branch, Mr, Paul Obidah, expressed his utter shock that a Pastor he trusted could destroy his only daughter.

According to Paul, Pastor Kingsley had sekz with his daughter in his house and even when his daughter was undergoing menstruation

He cried out for justice in the case and not swept under the carpet.

His words, “I have been in the church for the past 27 years. I started the church in Kaduna State. Abioye led me to Christ. I have been in Kaduna all these years. It got to a time. I decided to relocate home.

“We have been in Bénin serving God with our heart. Many pastors have come to the branch and go. I see the pastors as Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith. There was a day Pastor Kingsley came to my house, I could smell alcohol from his breath.

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“One day, his wife came and said she wants to see our daughter. I left her to discuss. I heard my daughter telling her she has something to tell her. The next day, the woman came and told me she has seized her husband’s phone because of the calls her husband was making to my daughter. I just said maybe it was a family friend matter.

“I was sleeping when something struck me to ask my daughter what is happening. I called and asked her to open up to me. She began telling me how the Pastor used to make love to her in my own house. The different hotels he took her to. She said it was a burden to her. She said she does not know what the pastor gave to her.

“This is a Pastor we trusted. We talked and do everything as a family. I didn’t know he has been doing this nonsense in my house. This is a girl that does not go out. She has been in most times. he cried out

How  LivingFaith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl?

Why Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl?

Living Faith Pastor Forced 17-Year-Old Girl

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