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PHOTOS: Shame: Nigerian Lawmaker Installed Street Lights Inside Bush As Constituency Project –

PHOTOS: Nigerian Lawmaker Installed Street Lights Inside Bush As Constituency Project

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Nigerian Lawmaker Fixed Street Lights Inside Bush As Constituency Project

See what a two term serving senator is doing in Ebonyi State as a constituency project. Honestly, they have left this man behind. 70years old man.

Street Lights

Planting a suppose street lights inside heavy bush.(No be Juju be that?).

What if snakes and other dangerous wild animals bites these guys fixing these things now? What will they tell their mothers? Let my senator be aware that all the animals in the animal kingdom is not happy with him. For fixing lights in their territory and distracting their nights meetings.

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Worst still is that the street lights was tested and powdered with small Tiger Generator.
Do you know that each of the standing light pole there, had a separate billboard mounted beside it.

When I thought I have seen it all in Ebonyi State. Ishielu people, After one week if any of the bulbs in those sticks he called street lights blinks eyes again. You people should buy a dog and name it after me.

Street Lights
Street Lights

Nobody should mention Distinguished Senator Obinna Ogba here. The young senator is trying his best. He is doing very well. I like him. He is a good man.

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