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“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky, The Worst Will Happen If Regulated”, DEE

“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky, The Worst Will Happen If Regulated”, DEE

A Nigerian Blogger, Dominic Edem aka DEE, has cautioned the Nigerian Government over their recent urge and interest in regulating social Media. It is a very big error and mistake if the federal government gives in to the temptation of regulating the social Media. It is never a good idea to regulate social Media; rather, the government should look for something important to do and leave social media alone.

DEE who spoke during media chat with Media personnel on Saturday said, if there’s any mistake the federal government will make in their life, it is to regulate social Media. There are lots of thousands if not millions of Nigerians who are Self employed, and earn their good living from the social media. So what do you expect when you stop them from doing their job and you don’t provide anyone for them?

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According to IBOM FOCUS, Dee said Federal government should be thankful to social media, because, at least, it has reduced the rate of unemployment and that of crimes in the country.

Regrettably, Nigeria has been tagged by the World Bank as “the world capital of poverty”.
“Can you imagine how worse the situation of Nigeria will be if social media is regulated? Can you see, Nigeria will become generationally poor; which means that all the generations in Nigeria will be extremely poor”, he said. IBOM FOCUS reports.

“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky

“Regulating Social Media
“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky

Schools are producing thousands of graduates every year and no jobs for them; people are losing jobs every single day, and now you want to render another thousands jobless?

IBOM FOCUS gathered that, Dee is not happy with the current situation in the country; he also called on the Nigerian Government to wake up and start creating jobs for the youths, and not to close the jobs

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Federal government should know that a idle man is hidden workshop for the Devil, and a hungry man is equally an angry man.

“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky

You will be telling youths to create jobs, but when jobs are created, you want to close the channels of the jobs’ creation. Some people that carry out criminal acts in the country are those without Jobs. There is no way someone will have a job at hand, that keeps the person busy and at the same time will be thinking of doing evil.

What is the federal government problem with social media? Government, are you the one that are paying their salaries, buying phones, laptops, Data for them, or paying their office rents? Are you Google, media net, propeller?
Please, respect yourself; if you don’t know what to fight, please, fight Boko Haram and looters– DEE stated

“Regulating Social Media Is Highly Risky

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