Police Officers Arrested, Handcuff, Caught With Bag Of Illicit Substance –

Police Officers Arrested, Handcuff, Caught With Bag Of Illicit Substance

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Police Officers Arrested, Handcuff, Caught With Bag Of Illicit Substance

Two unnamed unnamed police officers have been arrested and handcuffed by men of Edo State Vigilante.

The police officers were reportedly caught with a bag of Indian Hemp in commercial quantity. The two Policemen who were driving in a Venza Toyota car, were caught with the illicit substance in a stop and search operation by the vigilante group.

The vigilante leader, despite the two suspects threat and claim that they were police officers in show of superiority, maintained that he was doing his job. He said the Edo State vigilante is dedicated to fighting crimes and not “police-haters”.

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Police Officers Arrested

The unremorseful policemen bragged about their being police officers, noting that the vigilante men can not prosecute them but will still hand them over to the police for prosecution.

In response, the vigilante leader admitted that they were going to be handed to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

While answering questions on the expensive car in their possession, they said the car belonged to their unnamed friend; a response the vigilante men were not satisfied with.

In another development, a Kidnappers’ den was discovered some inches away from a police checkpoint along Auchi-Abuja Road, Edo State.

The mud-walled Kidnappers’ den was discovered after eighteen passengers en route Abuja Were Kidnapped at the police checkpoint. Items recovered in the mud house include teargas cannisters, live bullets, clothes and more.

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The discovery was made by a team of stranded passengers and some of the community residents who claimed that there have been frequent kidnapping of people within the police checkpoint. And accused the police officers at the check point of collaborating with Kidnappers’ for such illegality.

They allege that police officers provide the Kidnappers with guns and bullets as well as shield them from the law.

Police Officers Arrested


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