Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers In Federal Polytechnic

Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers In Federal Polytechnic

It was shock when Information reaching us that Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers In Federal Polytechnic

Security operatives of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Owerri, Imo State have arrested some suspected “poisonous” dry meat sellers from Aba in Abia state as they were about to enter into the institution.

Vanguard in Owerri was told that the incident happened last Tuesday at the entrance gate of the Federal Polytechnic.

It was gathered that their arrest came after they had bluntly refused to taste the meat packaged to sell to students, as it was ordered by the institution’s security operatives.

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Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers

Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers

However, when they further inquired it was said that the suspects had been handed over to the law enforcement agency.

Narrating the story from a document Vanguard obtained from the office of the registrar, Okoronkwo A. E, further said: “Some unscrupulous person were caught in the institution Tuesday 22nd, June 2021 with the intention of selling unwholesome dry meat to the unsuspecting Polythecnic community and most importantly to our esteemed students.

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“The report had it that they were intercepted by the institution security personnel and on interrogation, they confessed to have come a certain streets in Aba.”

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Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers

He continued: “When the security officers told them to taste the purported dry meat, grey refused which raised the suspicion that the meat was not wholesome and therefore could be the dangerous to human’s health no one knows there intentions in the regard.”

However, the management “Has warned students to beware of what they consume and the sources forthwith.”

Police Arrests Suspected Poisonous Food Sellers

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