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ATBU ASUU Dissociates Self From Pantami’s Professorial Fraud –

ATBU ASUU Dissociates Self From Pantami’s Professorial Fraud

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that ATBU ASUU Dissociates Self From Pantami’s Professorial Fraud

I have just been notified of a news story in the Nigerian Tribune about the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) branch of ASUU (which Pantami was a member of!) dissociating itself from a fraudulent congratulatory message to Pantami that was sent by the university’s Vice Chancellor on behalf of the entire university community.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, in a statement titled “DISCLAIMER ON THE VICE CHANCELLOR OF ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA UNIVERSITY, BAUCHI CONGRATULATORY LETTER TO DR. ISA ALI IBRAHIM PANTAMI ON HIS APPOINTMENT TO THE RANK OF PROFESSOR” jointly signed by branch chairperson, Dr Ibrahim Inuwa, and branch Secretary, M.M Initi, the union said, “It is indeed appalling that the VC used such a fiat on the University Community. It is in view of this, the Congress of ASUU ATBU Bauchi, resolved that it is not a party to such decision and has absolved itself from attempts to smear the corporate image of the University, the Citadel of learning and ASUU ATBU, Bauchi.”

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Pantami’s Professorial Fraud
Pantami’s Professorial Fraud

Dr. Inuwa Ibrahim later told newsmen that “from all indications, the entire exercise was shrouded in inadequacies, diligent due processes were not followed, every requirement was jettisoned. It is a total disregard to academic excellence.”

I want to commend ATBU ASUU, which knows Pantami more than the farouche frauds at FUTO ASUU, for its forthrightness and for standing up for the truth. They have restored my confidence that all honor is not lost in ASUU, after all.

Now, let’s wait for other ASUU branches and, most importantly, the national ASUU.

It must also be said for the record that, whatever its faults, ATBU has always had a reputation for scrupulousness. That was why they rejected Pantami’s request to be promoted to Senior Lecturer. He wasn’t qualified.

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Years later, however, the Fraudsters’ University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), where he had never worked, “promointed” him to a fraudfessorship while he is a serving minister who isn’t allowed by law to take up any other appointment outside of farming.

Hushpuppi might be the next person to be “promointed” a fraudfessor of cybersecurity at FUTO, which would make even more sense since FUTO has shown itself to be a den of intellectual frauds and Hushpuppi actually knows more about cybersecurity than Pantami does.

Pantami’s Professorial Fraud


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