Bola Tinubu, The Man That Must Never Become President –

Bola Tinubu, The Man That Must Never Become President

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Bola Tinubu, The Man That Must Never Become President

By Fémi Similoluwa

One of the usual achievements credited to Bola Tinubu is that of a talent hunter.

However, one dastardly aspect of his character is that whenever he identifies these talents he either seeks to destroy them out of envy or pocket them like a dirty handkerchief.

Tinubu is jealous of his subordinates success and secretly abhors anybody who starts to shine.

This is not tales by moonlight, its true. Ask Mr Babatunde
Fashola who rode on Tinubu’s coattails to power and later became a poster boy for good governance.

He developed a kind of cult following of his own among Lagosians. Immediately Tinubu saw this following he became jealous of his popularity and sought to limit him to one term. This plot backfired largely due to the fact that PDP was the party at the centre.

The fear of Fashola decamping and winning the election was real. So, commonsense prevailed and Fashola snatched his second term from the jaws of a vengeful and petty Tinubu.

Fast forward to Akinwunmi Ambode who came as a neophyte but morphed into a Golden boy performer beyond all expectations.

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Tinubu again became jealous and accused Ambode of trying to reverse his legacies of over 10 years ago. He fumed that Ambode was no longer taking instructions and was developing an Agenda of his own. Out of pure spite and wickedness he denied Ambode the second term ticket.

Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu
Bola Tinubu

This was inspite of APC governors prostrating …Yes Postrating to beg him in Oshogbo. The Vice President and Mr President also reached out on behalf of Ambode but he flatly refused.

For him, the Governors of Lagos state must be treated like schoolboys. After denying Ambode the ticket, he warned him not to commission any more projects in the twilight of his regime. He threatened him with impeachment by his rubber stamp House of Assembly.

Ambode in a mark of bravery defied him and finished strong with a host of completed projects including the iconic Airport road and Oshodi Bus Terminal commissioned by President Buhari.

However, Tinubu like a spoilt child stayed away from the event because he did not get his way but promised to exact a terrible vengeance on Akinwunmi Ambode. That vengeance by Tinubu and his minions continues till this day.

In came Jide Sanwoolu the “Yes Sir” Governor who was determined not to fall victim like his predecessors.

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He has practically become a door mat to the so called talent hunter called Bola Tinubu. Verified reports have it that Mr. Jide Sanwoolu cannot take any serious decision without clearing it directly or indirectly with the Tinubu.

He has become powerless and helpless in the face of Tinubu’s tyranny. This disrespect for the so called elected office of Governor has become so bad that Tinubu has been seen and heard openly tongue lashing the Governor with unprintable epithets in front of subordinates on numerous occasions.

APC in particular and Nigerians in general shine your eyes oooo. We cannot and must not trust this man with Presidential power.

He is jealous, petty and insecure and will do anything to undermine his subordinates especially those who choose to serve the people and not him.

We cannot ever afford to make a Presidential mistake with a person of this character in 2023 !!!!!!! As a nation, we have made many mistakes, but making Tinubu President will be one mistake too many. It must never happen.

So, this is a clarion call that this Man Must Never Be President!!

Bola Tinubu


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