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Odumeje Finally Gives Conditions To Forgive And Heal Ada Jesus


Odumeje Finally Gives Conditions To Forgive And Heal Ada Jesus.

Oduemeje actually said he’ll forgive Ada Jesus but gave his condition.

Many of you obviously don’t know who Ada Jesus is. Most of you only know she insults people online.

Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus

Who’s Ada Jesus and what connection does she have with Oduemeje and Rita Edochie.

First, Ada is a popular is comedian and an actor. She does skits with Igbo language.

I started following her 3 years ago up to the moment she was once arrested and spent 24hrs or so in police custody.

Ada Jesus can talk.

Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus

She doesn’t just talk, she brags too. You can search and watch some of her videos on FB.

How someone with so much followership would leave her potential audience to attack religious men is a very big concern.

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How did Rita Edochie come into the scene?

You know, most nollywood actors find favour in attending Odumeje’s church and for that, Ada had said that most of his miracles were movies.

Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus


She went further to state how Rita Edochie and Oduemeje would pay her to bring people for fake miracles.

Lady said a lot about Oduemeje and Rita and according to the latter, Ada’s utterances almost sent her into depression. Rita says she genuinely love Oduemeje as man of God and has found favour in his church and wouldn’t understand why Ada, whom she loved and took as a daughter would open her mouth and say so many Unforgivable things about her.

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Rita said she cried at nights. Lost appetite and out of anger cursed Ada.

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She swore never to forgive Ada Jesus as long as heaven reigns.

Oduemeje said she would forgive Ada on the condition that she’ll bring those she said he performed fake miracles on. Then and only then, would he forgive her and cure her of illness.

Before now, Ada had categorically stated that her illness was not caused by any man but she only needed forgiveness from people she wronged.

Ada’s illness has advanced from Kidney issues to partial stroke.

Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus

Many think it’s a medical issue and with good hospital, she’d me fine in weeks.

Others says it’s spiritual.

I really don’t know.

Jesus should take the wheel and do what he would do.


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