A Frustrated 16-year-Old Pregnant Girl Announces A Sale Of A Baby –

A Frustrated 16-year-Old Pregnant Girl Announces A Sale Of A Baby

A 16-years-old Destiny Daniel has concluded the plan to sell an unborn baby anytime she puts to bed.

Ibom Focus gathered that, Destiny who is totally frustrated after getting 6 months pregnant for 21 years left her parents to hide from church.

Ibom Focus further reports that Destiny is the indigene of Ikot Efum Ibiono in Akwa Ibom state, and a secondary School student at the community.

According to her, ” I am 6 months pregnant for a 21 year old boy, Emmanuel, from Ikot Obio Ama Ibiono.

My parents out of anger seized my phone, sent me out of the house, and I have no place to stay for now.

My boyfriend, Edidiong is aware that I am pregnant for him, and that, I am out of home.
I knew this church because my Aunty by name Sylvia, lives around here.

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I went to the pastor at Eka street and explained the situation to him. The pastor said he would not want me to stay in church unless I bring my parents to him.

16-year-Old Pregnant Girl

16-year-Old Pregnant Girl
16-year-Old Pregnant Girl

I came here on Monday 8/11. I met Responsible Deaconess, she gave me some money which I used for feeding. Today, Tuesday, I went to one mummy (Dcns Antia) and she gave me food to eat before I returned to church. While I was with Dcns Antia I narrated everything to her. She got my Dad’s phone number and called him. My Dad who responded from Nsatim Ibiono, promised he would come to church tomorrow Wednesday 10/11.

Even if my parents come for me, I don’t want to follow them. I don’t want people of my community to laugh at me for getting pregnant at tender age. I am trying to avoid all known persons for now.

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The truth is that I would want to sell the baby soon I put to bed. I will use the money and start up business for myself, or learn sewing.”

Ibom Focus learnt that the church has asked her to stay till today, Wednesday when Elders of the church will have meeting before the Church can decide for the next action.

Ibom Focus also gathered the girl is ready to sell the baby to any available buyer without any further delay, and she is ready to start a small business.

Ibom Focus Reports that, the 21-years-old boyfriend has left her to hideout.

16-year-Old Pregnant Girl

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