EXCLUSIVE: Psychiatric Hospital Unable To Spell Psychiatric, Photo

EXCLUSIVE: Psychiatric Hospital Unable To Spell Psychiatric, Photo

It was a thing of shock to see a Psychiatric hospital in Dawanau in Kano state is unable to spell Psychiatric in their certificate isssued to patients after Psychiatric evaluation rather the word read “Ciecatric”

The certificate has even more blunder and jargon contained in it.

It read “this is to satisfy and not to “certify” that Sahura Zubairu participated in this hospital in this and not on this date 2th and not 2nd of May 2000. She has the problem of mental effected” what the heck they meant by this is not very obvious to anyone.

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Unable To Spell Psychiatric
Unable To Spell Psychiatric

Now, the question is who are the doctors, nurses and others in this hospital? How did they pass through school that qualified them for this job?

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Nigeria is in terrible shape and the case is deteriorating fast.

How on earth is this possible in this 22nd century of a country like Nigeria that was full of hope in 1959 prior to independence?

Unable To Spell Psychiatric

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