Umahi Needs Mental Checks For Wishing Buhari’s Type On Nigerians In 2023, PDP –

Umahi Needs Mental Checks For Wishing Buhari’s Type On Nigerians In 2023 – PDP

PDP says Umahi Needs Mental Checks For Wishing Buhari’s Type On Nigerians In 2023

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State says that anyone wishing Nigerians to have Muhammadu Buhari’s kind as the next President of Nigeria come 2023 needs his psyche to be reexamined.

The PDP Chairman, Elder Fred Udeogu, disclosed this while reacting to a statement credited to the Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi, where he said God would give Nigeria a president “who has a good heart like President Muhammadu Buhari” in 2023.

Reacting, the PDP chairman stated that Buhari’s home state governor, Aminu Bello Masari, and other notable northern leaders already acknowledged the government had failed Nigerians, while Umahi was playing to the gallery.

Umahi Needs Mental Checks

Umahi Needs Mental Checks

He said, “If it is true that the governor said such thing in Abuja, not in Ebonyi State, that someone who is like President Muhammad Buhari should become the next President of Nigeria come 2023, it is his own personal opinion.

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“He is not our spokesperson, we elected some persons to go to Abuja and speak for us, not until then, he shouldn’t speak for us but if at all he said that, well, he is free to speak his mind because that is what his mind told him to say and he has said it. And nobody can change what he has said.

Umahi Needs Mental Checks

“The governor said what his spirit told him to say but I don’t know how many families in this country will pray for us to have a kind of person like President Buhari as the next President of Nigeria. Really I don’t know.

“Whichever way it goes, even his own people from the state, I don’t know how many people can come out today to open their mouth and say, Yes, we had it so good since the last six years the present federal government came to power.

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“Is it the level of borrowing, is it the level of economic stagnation. Is it the level of frustration, do you know the level of crimes as well as suicide people have committed in this country? And somebody is saying this.

“It is just the elected people, especially the governors and few others who are in the government that can say yes, that things are moving well, outside that, things are not the way it’s supposed to be.

“His (Buhari) own people and brothers are saying that the man at the helm of affairs is not doing well but you that are down here (Umahi) are saying that he is doing well; well his psyche needs to be reexamined.”

Umahi Needs Mental Checks


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