2021 Breakdown; Senator Salary Structure: How Much They Earn

2021 Breakdown; Senator Salary Structure: How Much They Earn

Nigerian Senator Salary Structure, How Much They Earn 2021 Breakdown can be accessed below:

A Senate is the upper chamber of Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, the National Assembly of Nigeria. The National Assembly (popularly referred to as NASS) is the nation’s highest legislature, whose power is to make laws, is summarized in chapter one, section four of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. It consists of 109 senators: the 36 states are each divided in 3 senatorial districts each electing one senator; the Federal Capital Territory elects only one senator.

Senator Salary Structure

Senator Salary Structure
Senator Salary Structure

A prominent Senator from Kaduna state, Senator Shehu Sani, revealed that Senators in Nigeria receive the sum of 750,000 naira per month as basic salary plus allowances of 13.5 million naira per month. This sums up in a total package of 14.25 million naira per month and a total sum of 171 million naira annually. When converted with the current black market rate of 360 naira to the U.S. dollar, it sums to a total of $39, 583 a month, and $475, 000 per year.

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A Detailed Breakdown of The Annual Salary and Allowances of Senators in Nigeria
According to the information gathered so far and details released in 2017, the monthly allowance of 13.5 million is running total cost of office of Senator and while there are no exact instructions on what the fund should be used for, legislators must deliver receipts to back up their expenditures from the running cost. Former Senator, Shehu Sani said lawmakers are held answerable for this allowance.

As expected, questions were raised about the monthly bonuses. This section takes a look at the various allowances paid to senators per month. As at the time of writing this piece though, we couldn’t specify the exact amount attached for various bonuses.

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Hardship allowance
Constituency allowance
Furniture allowance
Newspaper allowance
Wardrobe allowance
Recess allowance
House maintenance
Domestic staff
Personal assistant
Vehicle maintenance and fueling allowance
Motor vehicle allowance
Duty tour

Senator Salary Structure

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