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Trouble Looms As Apostle Johnson Suleman Exposed Top Secret About Bishop Oyedepo

Trouble Looms As Apostle Johnson Suleman Exposed Top Secret About Bishop Oyedepo

How Apostle Johnson Suleman Exposed Top Secret About Bishop Oyedepo

Per what our portal has convened suggests that all is not well between two top-notched Nigerian Pastors as one burst out with shocking revelations.

This has however, attracts much attention and also generates mixed reaction between their followers both online and offline.

In more detail, Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed in a video trending online that, Bishop Oyedepo’s Ministry has eleven bank accounts with billions in reserved that they are not touching.

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Here is everything Apostle Johnson Suleman said in the trending video:

“I was in a hotel to rest and someone said, “Bishop Oyedepo just left this room.” I said, “I don’t understand, which Oyedepo? Is it the same Oyedepo we all know?” and he said, “Yes, he slept on this bed.” I asked everybody to get out and I laid down, rolling from one end to another praying, “I tap, I draw.”

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One day, the Archbishop Idahosa was seated in his room and God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo came to him and as usual the Archbishop told him, “Open under the bed and take money” Bishop Oyedepo opened it and pushed the money inside and said, “Don’t give me money, give me what brings money. Keep it and teach me what brings money.”

Today, Bishop Oyedepo is running universities like secondary school. He’s running four universities. For Federal Government to run one is difficult, sometimes they don’t even pay, coupled with ASUU strike and one man is running four with no stress.

Secret About Bishop Oyedepo
Secret About Bishop Oyedepo

I heard Bishop Oyedepo talking the other day, he said they have eleven bank accounts that they don’t touch. They have eleven bank accounts in billions in reserved, that they are not touching.

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Listen, there are people that are not individual, they are government. Do you know what it means to build a university, not just build but to also run it and somebody has four.

Bishop Oyedepo is running four institutions effortlessly. He’s not losing sleep or cracking his head and they’re without strike, not even for one day.

Which lecturer will protest when he’s well paid, with all the fringe benefits. Who doesn’t like better things.”

Secret About Bishop Oyedepo

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  • Bishop Oyedepo has tried for humanity.Done his best selflessly.He deserves accolades.Keep the good works.We deeply appreciate you.High Chief OGHENE/B