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Pastor Dies, Leaves Behind 520 Children And 32 Wives


Pastor Dies, Leaves Behind 520 Children And 32 Wives

It is not funny that Pastor Dies, Leaves Behind 520 Children And 32 Wives

A pastor of the Zion Church in Choma district died, leaving behind roughly 520 children from 32 women.

Kebby Mutetete revealed that his brother-in-law, only known as Bishop Simutwe, is 68 years old and has over 1,300 grandchildren.

According to Mutetete, the late Zion pastor (pictured) had a total of 47 wives, but only 32 at the time of his death.

While other known energetic men struggle to satisfy their spouses and side chic, Simutwe is said to have attended to over ten of his wives in a single day, giving him an army of over 500 offspring during his lifetime.

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Simutwe would advise the last woman to alert the next one to enter an apartment for some timed mouthwatering love making session, similar to how clients take turns seeing their doctor.

Pastor Dies
Pastor Dies

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The late Bishop, according to Mutetete, was laid to rest in Siankope village, Choma district, along the Masuku road Zambia.

He has now expressed gratitude to the church for donating to his burial and purchasing a K28, 000 casket for him.


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