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BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released


BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released

According to Biafrans With Nnamdi Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released under international

Aso-Rock did not anticipate that the world will get interested in Nnamdi Kanu, they believed that under Nigeria’s right of sovereignty they can handle Nnamdi Kanu the way they liked but this was an awful miscalculation.

You will be shocked!

The UN recently demanded to know why and how Nigeria arrested Nnamdi Kanu, UK had demanded that Nigeria clarify his arrest which has not been done. Today Israel restated their resolve to help the Igbo Jews ascend to light. This move is not only religious, it is symbolic.

The zoo authorities underestimated the fact that Nnamdi Kanu has played his game across all the important power houses of the world. Nnamdi Kanu has spoken to US senators in the Capitol Hills, Nnamdi Kanu has been to the UN, Nnamdi Kanu has made a headway to Israel and to Brussels. These are the important power circle of the new world order.

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The Irony is that the world sees Nnamdi Kanu in quite different perspective from the way Nigerian authorities see him. In fact, the reverse is the case, the world sees Nigeria as fantastically corrupt and Nnamdi Kanu is for them that Mandela in an apartheid regime.

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You are about to experience a shocker!

When Nnamdi Kanu was abducted, these circle of power listened to hear Nigeria give a rational explanation of how they arrested him but as expected, the Nigerian authorities could not make an objective argument. I want to surprise you with their arguments.

They said, “we arrested him because he incited violence within our borders which led to the death of about 55 people and destruction of public properties. He jumped bail without reason and he runs a terrorist organization.”

Well, if Nigeria were to be a student and you a teacher, what score are you going to award the zoo government for this answer?

Don’t laugh yet!

That Nigeria could not justify the arrest of Kanu is where the real issue lies? This is the reason why Nnamdi Kanu’s release is incontrovertible.

Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released

Kanu Set To Be Released
Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released

Since Nigeria doesn’t want to openly clarify his arrest, it means that they are hiding something. It is either that they violated another country’s territorial integrity to abduct him or that they violated international regulations on extradition to illegally arrest him.

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Under international jurisdiction, Nigeria by either of these actions has violated the international human right that says that “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”

When Nigeria appears in international court of law where Nnamdi Kanu has been trying to drag them to, they will be accused of abduction and would not only be told to release Nnamdi Kanu but to make reparations for the violation of his human rights.

This is not all, Nigeria would have to face criminal charges from Kenya if the Kanyan authorities manage to deny that they handed Nnamdi Kanu over to Nigeria. Nigeria will be accused of violating their territorial integrity.

If Nigeria fails to abide by these international treatise, then there will be a blackout. If you want to know what will happen if Nigeria refuses to abide, meet me on this page in the coming days.

Nnamdi Kanu lighted a fire in Nigeria and it has spread across the planet, his arrest did not weaken this fire, it made it to burn brightly all the more.

Source: Biafrans With Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu Set To Be Released


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