MUST READ: Was My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife? – Man In Tears Ask –


MUST READ: Was My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife? – Man In Tears Ask

Man in tears asks question says Was My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife?

My name is Chidiebere Lewis, I have an issue on my mind which I really need your opinions and not insults. I am a teacher in one of the private schools in my area in Isefun and my wife is a Secretary/PA in a big company and her salary a month is like four times what I receive. We have a daughter of two years old and on the day of her second birthday my wife and I decided to throw her a birthday party because on her first birthday we didn’t do much, we just marked the birthday with family members only since I was not buoyant enough to throw an elaborate party for her so for some weeks my wife was very angry with me and when the issue got to my mum she was furious that she was inconsiderate and heartless.

Now the 2nd birthday was at the corner so she began the preparation without my knowledge, buying things for the celebration and keeping them in her friend’s place. Later, she came and told me our child’s birthday was just a week away what was the plan. In response, I said you know, I haven’t been paid for two months now and you have been given me transport to go to work, so, what is on your mind. She gave me a paper with a list of items needed for the party summing up to N105,000 approximately; I was alarmed. ‘Are we throwing a party for the whole community or what, where do you want me to get such an amount from?’ I yelled at her. That’s how trouble started again? I spoke to her mum about it who told her to cut her coat according to her cloth; likewise my mum was.

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My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife?

Slap My Wife
My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife? –

Unknown to me, some of the things she bought were on credit from her friend who owns a super-market in our area. After the party, some weeks later, her friend, the owner of the super-market, came to the house on a Sunday evening to ask for her money and my mum came to visit us that same day. As we were seeing my mum off, we met her friend coming in from the gate.

My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife? –

She started shouting that we have been avoiding her and that we were not coming to her shop to buy things since then. She also said she has seen my wife go to other shops to buy. I was lost in words and I advised her to calm down so that we could talk. We all went back inside the house to listen to her. She narrated to us the whole story and I asked my wife if what she was saying was true and to my greatest surprise she confirmed. In anger, my mum stood up and slapped her and immediately she slapped my mum back and I was so disappointed with her to the extent that I threw all her belongings out and told her to leave my house without touching her. This led to me filing for divorce, ever since the incidence, I have not had peace of mind because I miss my family but if you were in my shoes; what would you do?

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My Mother Justified To Slap My Wife? –


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