How My Husband Brought 3 Men Who Chewed Me The Whole Night’, Lady Cries Out

How My Husband Brought 3 Men Who Chewed Me The Whole Night’, Lady Cries Out

Why My Husband Brought 3 Men Who Chewed Me

An attention-grabbing and heartrending story of a female who was ill-treated by her spouse and his friends has been going viral and trending on media platforms as completely as in the YouTube for months now.

The story was shared by Jeremy Damaris who uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

Catherine Njeri who hails from Nyandarua county narrated her story, according to our source.

Read story below;

“She was lucky and got self employment her sister as a maid, same place where he got a man who married her.

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“The partner turned out to be abusive, which later resulted to her loosing her 6 months old baby.

“After active mutually for a number of years, they made their marriage legalised and after a colourful marriage, they went for marriage honey moon to South Africa for three weeks.

My Husband Brought 3 Men
My Husband Brought 3 Men

“One day, he told her that he was to get visitors.

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“She made up to prepare something for them as a wife material.

“Later, the visitors came, (three gentle men, and one lady) and Catherine played her roles as a wife perfectly.

“Later, the visitors went to their bedroom some place she served them drinks, and had approximately modest entertainment.

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“The spouse slept with the visiting female on their bedroom, and prearranged the three men to carry out ‘fun’ with her.

“They for that reason grabbed her and had her the unbroken night. These acts made her to arrange suicidal thoughts, but it was in no way to be.

Her predicaments at the hands of her abusive companion complete her create a book, which has been deal in select bookshops.”

My Husband Brought 3 Men

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