Mikel Obi Under Fire For Pledging Support For Yahaya Bello

Mikel Obi Under Fire For Pledging Support For Yahaya Bello

Why Mikel Obi Under Fire For Pledging Support For Yahaya Bello

Nigerians on social media have called out former Super Eagles midfielder, Mikel Obi, for pledging support for the political aspirations of Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello.

On Sunday, Obi paid a courtesy visit to Bello in Abuja during which he lauded the achievements of the governor.

He was quoted as saying, “It is an honour for me to finally meet his Excellency personally after all the good things I have heard and read about him from not just the people of Kogi State but from Nigerians.

“My main aim is to come here to show my appreciation and to thank him for all the things he has been doing for the people and also to support him in whatever future political positions he wants to go into.

“I will like to be there to support him, to be there by his side through this journey for him to achieve whatever he wants which is for the betterment of Nigeria.”

Obi said he was hopeful that Bello and himself could work together as a team to achieve success.

However, Nigerian tweeps have taken to their social media handles to call out Obi over his comments stressing that Bello’s administration was not deserving of such accolade.

Many social media users expressed the belief that Obi must have been paid or is seeking a political position, hence his comment.

Mikel Obi Under Fire

Mikel Obi Under Fire
Mikel Obi Under Fire

This comes as human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, via his Twitter handle on Monday, described Obi as a sycophant.

Sowore wrote, “@mikel_john_obi As ur career in football flames out, another one starts in sycophancy + ass licking! At least for sycophancy, you don’t need any rigorous practice! Enjoy it while it lasts with
@OfficialGYBKogi the most irresponsible and incompetent Nigerian governor below 50.”

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Other reactions of Nigerians on social media are as follows:

I really don’t know what’s wrong with some of our celebrities, Mikel Obi,in south east, d youths , where you comes from are been killed everday https://t.co/9HBk3FWdcP, taken away to the unknown, yet you are busy raisng hand with yeye Bello for 2023 election.Commo sense brother.

— Chidi Obiukwu (@chidiobiukwu01) June 15, 2021

@mikel_john_obi me no dey fear to tag anybody.
Guy if you really said that “Yahaya Bello is the best youth to lead Nigeria”, then on behalf of well meaning Nigerians I put it to you that you’re the most miserable fool.

— CJN (@onowu_jn) June 15, 2021

@mikel_john_obi that is why you are a bench warmer at chelsea for almost a decade. https://t.co/tc3UvaTf3d

— Blaq boy (@bethelblaq) June 15, 2021

Still shocked @mikel_john_obi does not know he’s a more better candidate than clueless #YahayaBello.
Im only keeping quiet bcos I know his statement is not bcos of money or hunger.
Perhaps in due cause, I’ll ask him why he made that statement.#Nigeria

— L O R D _ Z E U S (@mr_clyn) June 15, 2021

@mikel_john_obi what on Earth will make you flinch support for a politician that bastardized electoral institution, stole votes, hijacked electoral materials and people got shot at and murdered for his quest to be governor. Economic hardship of his people.
Guy you messed up.

— Kay Gezzy (@AlpacinoViruz) June 15, 2021

@mikel_john_obi before you endorse yahaya as the next president please investigate what he’s doing in the state he is mandated to serve as governor now, then ask yourself if such person is what will need to transform/change the current Nigeria…

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— Gold 🔝 🇬🇧 (@koollykice73) June 15, 2021

Something has exchanged hands. It’s sad to even imagine it will be money that will make someone of Mikel Obi’s reputation and supposed wealth descend into this shameless abyss. https://t.co/hxfVjr6DcW

— FO (@femiwole) June 15, 2021

Am sure Obi has no need for Bello’s money or respect, he should have turned down the man’s request. Bello is completely toxic to the future of youths in Nigeria.

— EKWO SAMUEL GEORGE (@official_Ekwo) June 14, 2021

All the exposure he had in England profited him nothing. He literally was passive to their civilisation and this is the proof.

— Ejike McVirtue (@EMcvirtue) June 15, 2021

@MikelObi_12 I have always loved you right from your days at plateau United. But this is a let down, how on earth can you associate yourself with this miscreant Yeye Bello

— #Endbadgovernance (@01Donoil) June 14, 2021

From observation, the Kogi governor is notorious for hampering freedom of speech and expression within his state.
For instance, two anti-President Muhammadu Buhari protesters, Larry Emmanuel and Victor Udoka were arrested in Kogi state for exercising their fundamental human rights, under Bello’s administration.

Irate mob flogged the two youths, filmed them and brutalised them before they were later handed over to the police.

It was gathered that the police thereafter quizzed the two protesters and detained them when they insisted on seeing their lawyer before making a statement. They were also secretly arraigned in court, without having access to their lawyers.

Mikel Obi Under Fire

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