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REVEALED: Why Mbaka Didn’t Stop Commenting On Politics Even After He Was Banned, Truth Finally Exposed


REVEALED: Why Mbaka Didn’t Stop Commenting On Politics Even After He Was Banned, Truth Finally Exposed

Information reaching us Why Mbaka Didn’t Stop Commenting On Politics Even After He Was Banned

The political climate in Nigeria is very interesting and appealing, the reason being that democracy is the best form of government.

In the ancient times, during the Bible days, the Prophets are the game changers in the leadership of lsreal. That was why people like Prophet Samuel, Elijah, Moses, etc, brought deliverance and salvation to the people of lsreal.

In Nigeria, we have many men of God, who are highly blessed and can influence change in the Government activities, most especially when things are going wrong, because nobody knows it all. Even when the best brains are into governance, sometimes they can go astray and needed who can redirect their footsteps to the right path. Because a spectator in a football game sees clearer, than the players.

One of the influencial men of God who doesn’t want to seat on the fence on the issues regarding politics in Nigeria is Rev Fr, Ejikeme, popularly known as Fr, Mbaka, the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu.


Unlike some priests who keeps mute when things are going wrong in their domain, Fr Ejikeme, is vocal, outspoken, on the issues bordering the welfare of the masses, he became a public figure during Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State, during that time, he challenged some of the activities of the Governor which he thought that were anti people oriented.

He is loved by many and hated by few, because some people may not consent to some of his ideologies, prior to the 2015 general elections, the fiery priest vehemently opposed the reelection bid of Good Luck Jonathan, his utterances helped, paved way for president Buhari, who is the opposition political party flag bearer, the Catholic priest told Nigerians that Jonathan is a bad luck, while Buhari is as the anointed one who will deliver Nigeria from the sufferings, at the end of the election Buhari emerged the winner of the election.

This didn’t get down well with many people who are stunch supporters of Jonathan, most especially the South East, and South South, etc, who believed that Jonathan is their own son.

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Later when things began to get bad in Buhari’s administration, people began to question Mbaka, on the turn of events, he later told Buhari that Nigerians are suffering, saying that if Buhari’s administration goes wrong he should be the first to criticize him.

In somany occasions the Catholic Church has tried stopping the fiery priest from speaking on anything that involves politics, but at the end of the day, he still speaks out either against or for the Government. The last episode of his total banning was because of the clashes he had with FG on many issues, including the activities of the lPOB, insecurity in the South East, Mbaka had questioned the killing of lkonso by the security agencies, saying that they are celebrating killing lkonso, while Boko Haram terrorist extremist groups were busy killing, maiming Nigerians.

These clashes didn’t get down well with the Church, this was why the Catholic Bishop of Enugu province summoned the Adoration spiritual leader for questioning, when the adoration followers could not see their priest they began to destroy properties in the Bishops house.

Later Fr, Mbaka addressed his followers, saying that he was asked to stop speaking on political matter, he informed them that he was mandated to proceed on one month suspension of all the activities In the adoration ground. Later he obeyed the order of Bishop Onaga, and shutdown activities in Adoration ground for the period of one month.

After the one month suspension, the fiery priest came back to his Adoration ground, the first day of his ministry he told his people that he was asked to stop commenting on politics. Hear him, ” who is beaten and told not to cry” he spoke in venacullar.

He continued, ” Did they tell me to shut up and start saying that the country is good?. The country is not good, God will fight for this country. Woe betide a prophet of God who will be silent in time of evil, that person is not a prophet, no matter the threat, no matter the attack, a prophet is a prophet at all times” he declared. ( Daily post, reported on 7th June).

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The respected Man of God told his congregation that he was summoned for questioning by the DSS, but he didn’t answer or visited the DSS office for any reason.

Today he is not showing any sign of giving up, since the arrest and extradition of the IPOB leader, he had continued making comments that is linked to the arrest. In one of his statements he said that handcuffs can’t stop agitation, etc, another occasion he said that the separatists activities are not our problem , but bad leadership. During one of his Sunday services, he lambasted the FG on Kanu’s arrest, saying that they should use the same energy they used to arrest him to arresting Kidnappers in the North, that since his arrest killings have continued.

Hear him,” since you arrested him ( Kanu) we have lost many lives, so what use is his arrest? After he was arrested, the kidnapping didn’t stop in the North, many students were kidnapped in Kaduna last week. Where are our security agencies? Why can’t they use the same temerity to arrest all the people doing this thing ( killings)? Arresting Kanu will not stop the problem”. ( Pmnews, reported on 12th July, 2021.)

Although formerly he was not a fan of Nnamdi kanu, he had been advising him to follow the path of peace in the Biafran agitation. But the turn of events May have ignited the fire of speaking for Kanu.

Since the recent outburst from the clergyman, the Church has not made any official statement regarding the alleged ban of Mbaka on political activities, which he is not ready to drop.

Now that the fiery priest has refused to keep silence on political issues, what do you think about this, as a priest is it good for the church to ban him from commenting on politics, since the priests played vital roles in governance during the Bible days.


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