I Don’t Have Pen*, Nigerian Man Tells Wife Night After Wedding –

I Don’t Have Pen*, Nigerian Man Tells Wife Night After Wedding

The just concluded wedding that supposed to be sweet and honey has turned to war ground.

Ibom Focus reports that the newly couple who got married last week Saturday are set to separate because husband lacks manhood.

Ibom Focus learnt that the couple whose names are withheld meet three months before their wedding, and they decided not to have sex until after wedding.

According to the wife who spoke with Ibom Focus on telephone, said she met her husband on social media, that when the husband approached her, he promised to get marry to her, then she agreed and she told her husband since we both want marriage, let keep sex aside until after wedding and the husband happily agreed on that, but they used to see atleast twice a week.

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Man Tells Wife Night

Man Tells Wife Night
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Then after the traditional Marriage. she asked husband let us start the sex, the husband said, no let us wait till after wedding day, but she was surprised after wedding, they moved to hotel to spend a night there but when she started to touch her husband, her husband also touched her too, along the line the husband said dear can I tell you something, please sorry I don’t have penis to perform it, according to the wife she was thinking he was playing so after some minutes she started again.

She then discovered that there was no manhood as she used her hand to penetrate the husband but the penis was sleeping like innocent baby.

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she added that, she tried all she could but nothing happened.

But from investigating, Ibom Focus gathered that the man used his Penis for Money ritualist as he super wealthy.

Now the wife is looking for the solution, what do you have to tell her? Please drop your solution here

Man Tells Wife Night


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