Lady Confused As Boyfriend Threatens To Quit Relationship If She Pursues Master’s Degree –

Lady Confused As Boyfriend Threatens To Quit Relationship If She Pursues Master’s Degree

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Lady Confused As Boyfriend Threatens To Quit Relationship If She Pursues Master’s Degree

A young woman has found herself in confusion and is undecided on what to do.

The 22-year-old doesn’t know which to choose between her career and relationship and has extended her question to Rita Orji, a Nigerian-Canadian Computer Science Professor, who brought the matter to Twitter for others to also have their say.

So the issue is that this young woman has a fully-funded admission for a Master’s degree program abroad but her boyfriend doesn’t buy the idea.

Lady Confused

Lady Confused
Professor Rita

According to Prof Rita, the girl said her boyfriend had promised her marriage and will change his mind if she travels out for her education.

The Prof tweeted: “Woke up to an email from a lady who got a fully-funded admission for an MSc abroad.

She seeks advice.

“I don’t interfere in relationship issues but think it’s unfair to put her in such a state

“People have diff priorities.

“My only question was:

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“What is at stake if you choose one option over another?

“Based on this and your priorities, you can decide on what to do if he refuses to change his stand

“She said, the guy may break up with her and he promised to marry her. She is 22 years.

“What would you do if you were the girl or her boyfriend?”

Responding to the dilemma the young woman is facing over her career and her relationship, some Twitter users have given their opinion on the matter.

Mark Amaza: “I really hope she can see all these comments and give herself brain. You want to let go of an opportunity for a man ‘that promised to marry you’?
You are just 22 years old – what’s the rush? Even if you were 35, it still will be a bad idea.”

Fisayo Soyombo: “She has to choose the MSC, please. Women have to run as fast as their legs can carry them from any man who won’t support their legitimate dreams. No woman should be made to choose between love and career. NONE.”

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Iheanyi Nnnadi: “Something that never crosses the mind of some ladies is that men also test women sometimes 4 love & loyalty like they do to us. So let her take the RISK & pass the test. Love & loyalty no bi 4 mouth. If she passes the test, she could gain everything she thought she’d lose & more.”

Amaka: “Girls really need to learn to put themselves first. Seeking advice for what exactly? Picking between your future and someone that doesn’t like you? Goodbye.”

Juliet: “‘Dear Girls, the men you fold your wings for, will mock you for not flying. SOAR!’ – @Nimisire

I pray Boys & Girls choose healthy/loving relationships that nurture them/their dreams, not steeped in insecurity.”

Karanma: “At 21, an ex wanted me to choose between a job in Lagos and marrying him. I chose my job of course. Five years later and I’ve zero regrets about my choice. You’ll never regret choosing self development. If they don’t want to grow with you, drop them without a second thought.”

Lady Confused


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