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Lady Beats Her Husband For Denying Her $**x


Lady Beats Her Husband For Denying Her $**x

How Lady Beats Her Husband For Denying Her $**x

Information reaching Ibom Focus that lady Beats Her Husband For Denying Her $**x

A Zimbabwean woman, Sibonokuhle Msipa, beat up her husband, Mthandazo Msipa, and has promised to continue beating him if he still refuses to perform his conjugal obligations.

According to iHarare, Msipa, assaulted her husband in the middle of the night using a pot.

Mrs. Msipa was reportedly angry because her husband had not been getting intimate with her for several months. In a bid to show her dissatisfaction with the situation, she decided to beat him up.

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Lady Beats Her Husband

Sibonokuhle said, “It’s been hell, living with a husband who does not want to sleep with me. I have sexual needs and it’s his job to sleep with me. I can’t take it anymore. This is not love but torture. Why am I being punished? I will continue to beat him until he does his bedroom duties.

When reached for comment, Mthandazo did not wish to speak on his private sexual issues. However, he categorically refused the claims that he had received a thorough beating from his wife. He said, “I have never been beaten by a woman, that’s a lie.”


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