Photos: My Husband Told Me To Kill Our Baby – Mother Cries Out –

Photos: My Husband Told Me To Kill Our Baby – Mother Cries Out

Mother Cries Out says My Husband Told Me To Kill Our Baby

According to this viral video, Baby Sittivetti was born with a rare condition that causes him to look unusual.

The husband is said to have warned his mother not to k!ll the newborn baby. Out of frustration, the husband abandoned the mother and child.

For the entirety of her existence, she has struggled with life, and she continues to struggle with it today.

Liberata claims that as a result of what was happening to her, she went insane.

Since they all fled as soon as they saw the baby, no one wanted to talk to her. It is been dubbed a monster and an alien, and everyone is terrified of it.

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Kill Our Baby
Kill Our Baby

This baby is in excruciating pain because it is constantly wailing, and his mother is irritated by her inability to stop it.

No one wants to help her because she can not adequately explain or communicate what she is carrying all the time.

She used to live in the city, but due to this child, she now finds herself in the town where she was born, far from the city, in need of assistance.

She used to have a family in the city, but her husband abandoned her and her other normal children and never returned.

She had to leave her children in the city because life had become so difficult for her, and she had to return to her hometown with the last one to seek help from family members.

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She did not have any other choice but to be tough and go through it all because she did not have any other options.

Her relatives pity her and encourage her to kill the child, claiming that it would only bring her misery and sadness in the future.

She knew she could not kill her own child, so she resolved to do everything she could until the very last second.

Kill Our Baby


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