Fuel Scarcity Hit, Price Increases Per Litre –

Fuel Scarcity Hit, Price Increases Per Litre

Information reaching Ibom Focus that Fuel Scarcity Hit, Price Increases Per Litre

Petrol now sells for between N200 and N220 per litre at the independent marketers’ service stations in Nsukka.

The hike against the official pump price of N162 per litre started about a fortnight ago. It has been attributed to the scarcity of the commodity in the town and its environs.

Some residents of the town expressed worry over the price hike on Wednesday.

A civil servant, Stephen Ozioko, said the situation had further compounded the economic difficulties in the area.

Mr Ozioko added that the hike had compelled many private car owners to park their vehicles at home and move around in public transport.

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“Since the scarcity started, I decided to park my car and take public transport to the office and back home. N220 per litre is exorbitant, and I cannot afford it, considering my salary as a civil servant,” he explained. “I shall continue to use public transport until the situation returns to normal.”

A building material dealer, Timothy Ngwu, said the development had also led to an increase in transport fare in the area.

Fuel Scarcity Hit
Fuel Scarcity Hit

“Some people now trek from Nsukka Old Park to Odenigbo Round About because of the 100 per cent hike in fares from N50 to N100 by tricycle,” explained Mr Ngwu. “Before now, transport fare from Nsukka to Enugu was N500, but transporters now charge between N800 and N1000.”

Also, a bus driver, Victor Ogbonna, described the scarcity and hike as “unfortunate and an ugly development.”

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“Today, only a few filling stations are selling the commodity in Nsukka town, while others are shut,” Mr
Ogbonna said.

He alleged that some filling stations, which claimed to be out of stock, were selling to black marketers at night.

“This is why black marketers have sprung up everywhere in the town, selling the commodity for about N300 per litre.

Major marketers in the area have stopped selling petrol, claiming to have run out of fuel.

The residents called on the government to urgently intervene to bring the situation under control and put an end to its harsh economic effects on the messes.


Fuel Scarcity Hit

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