Bandits Are Fighting To Survive – Gumi Blows Hot –

Bandits Are Fighting To Survive – Gumi Blows Hot

Gumi says Bandits Are Fighting To Survive

Popular Nigerian cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has reacted to the latest declaration regarding the bandits terrorizing the Northern part of the country. Gumi aired his views during his recent interview on Arise News.

You may have heard that a Nigerian court recently declared bandits groups as terrorists. The development has since generated reactions from many Nigerians.

Reacting to the development, Sheikh Gumi said, “Most of the bandits are fighting to survive, and they become prey if they leave their weapons. If they hold on to their weapons, they become a situation of insecurity themselves. For every victim we have here, the bandits sustain ten victims due to the consequences of their actions. They want a solution to this problem without getting killed extrajudicially. The bandits claim they get ‘picked’ when they drop their weapons.”

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Bandits Are Fighting

Bandits Are Fighting

Narrating a story, Gumi said, “I met a young man during a popular meeting I had with the bandits. The young man claimed that he joined bandits after he got home and discovered his parents got killed. The young man dropped banditry and went back to his University after the said meeting. However, he got lynched by the vigilante after went back to school.”

Bandits Are Fighting


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