60-year-old American Woman To Fly Into Nigeria To Marry 22-Year-Old Man She Met Online –

60-year-old American Woman To Fly Into Nigeria To Marry 22-Year-Old Man She Met Online

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that 60-year-old American Woman To Fly Into Nigeria To Marry 22-Year-Old Man She Met Online

A white woman has described a 22-year-old Nigerian man, Peter, she fell in love with as her soulmate who has made her felt something she never felt in previous relationships.

The unidentified woman made this statement on Dr. Phil’s show where she spoke at length about their relationship.

The 60-year-old woman narrated how they met on a social media platform she refused naming.

According to her, she had commented on a post to which Peter responded to after which he DMed her.

That kick-started their friendship which turned to relationship for months. They however lost touch and would reconnect later to resume their relationship.

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60-year-old American Woman
60-year-old American Woman

The older woman, while responding to questions on whether she could be dealing with a potential scammer, said Peter never asked for a dime since they have been dating. She said if he had done that, it would have confirmed her family’s fears that Peter may be a scammer.

The lady said she got him passport and a smart phone of her own volition including an apartment. She claimed to have spent a total of $4500 (N1.8million) on him and would be flying to Nigeria for their wedding.

CJ Creighton Mellen thought:

“He is obviously a user. Don’t do it. He is a very bad man. He only wants to be in the USA. He doesn’t love you lady. He is a user.”

Betty Chanakila opined:

“The boy is looking for papers, believe me. There’s no Nigerian mother who can allow her son to marry someone as old as you. “You will be messed up badly. Leave now.
“You WILL regret this. He will take your name to the witch doctors. Run.”

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M Lynn Black wrote: “I’m sick of cases like this where the man is the only one being labeled a user.

She is an old, grown woman, living in a place that has plenty of 22 year old men. She’s not mentally unstable. She is a grooming, using, creep. The using is reciprocal.”

60-year-old American Woman
60-year-old American Woman

Candy Hairston stated:

“Peter don’t need to ask you for nothing cuz you’re giving it all to him now. Plus he prolly get the rest once yall are married. This is just my opinion.”

60-year-old American Woman


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