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Full List: 22 Ways To Kill Any Association


Full List: 22 Ways To Kill Any Association

It is very true that many Associations started well but not all ended well because of many issues.

Here are 22 Ways To Kill Any Association

1. Do not attend the Physical meeting and if you do arrive late most of the meeting times.

2. Leave before the end of the meeting.

3. Say nothing during the meeting, wait till you get out for gang up talks.

4. Vote to support all proposals at the meeting but do nothing after that.

5. Frequently look for other members’ faults and shortcomings and make unfounded allegations to create divisions in the Association.

6. Criticize others by using abusive words.

7. Take no part in the Organizations affairs or progress.

8. When the meeting is ongoing do side talks.

22 Ways To Kill Any Association

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22 Ways To Kill
22 Ways To Kill

9. Take all benefits the Organisation could give or offer you but never give any benefit or meaningful contributions to the Association.

10. Never encourage but discourage others to join the Association.

11. At any opportunity, threaten to resign/leave and encourage others to do so.

12.Talk cooperation but don’t cooperate.

13. Always pretend to be too busy for the Organization by saying: I have no time.

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14. Always be among those that delay in paying dues or avoid it if possible or no financial commitment at all.

15. Have secret meetings or gang ups with some members against those that make the most impact and ultimately try to destroy the Association.

16. Avoid holding any office but ready to criticise since it’s easy to criticize than doing things.

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17. Never give time to show up when appointed as a member of a committee or member for a specific assignment.

18. If entrusted with money, divert it for personal use.

19. Seek leadership by all means even when not capable or having NO leadership abilities for effective performance.

20. Engage in blackmail and the PULL HIM OR HER DOWN SYNDROME on those who are performing while you never try to Perform.

21. Make unnecessary reports against those who are performing while you are doing nothing to improve the Organization.

22. Ask quickly for what the Organization can do for you instead of adding value and building the Organization first

Anyone with two or more of the above qualities is a killer to the Organization, therefore, we should be careful about him or her.


22 Ways To Kill Any Association


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