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Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat, Raped A Woman, Threatening To Kill Her If She Speaks Out –


Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat, Raped A Woman, Threatening To Kill Her If She Speaks Out

Information reaching Ibom Focus that Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat, Raped A Woman, Threatening To Kill Her If She Speaks Out

A Councillor from Essien Udim local government area, Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Sunday Alexander Udoekong has been accused of raping a woman after beating her into a coma.

Miss Unwana Raphael Osom, 28, said she took Hon Udoekong as her “elder brother and senior uncle” which was why she followed him last Friday to his house in Abak local government area – with the knowledge of her mother.

At the house, on Friday 3 September 2021, she said the Councillor, who is representing Odoro Ikot Ward 2, demanded to have carnal knowledge of her.

In an exclusive chat with Da Zion Umoh, a popular government critic, Ms Unwana said the councillor used an object to hit her following her refusal to open her legs.

Owing to the beatings, she became weak and passed out, Ms Unwana said in a video on Facebook.

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After allegedly having an affair with her, Hon Udoekong threatened to send assassins to terminate her life if she ever opens up, Ms Unwana said.

She said: “So when I followed him to his house, he said he wanted to have sex with me. I told him ‘no’, that he won’t have sex with me and that I won’t allow him to have sex with me.

Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat

Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat
Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat

“Because I didn’t allow him to sleep with me, he dragged me and attempted to undress me.

“Because I resisted him, he took a ‘two by two’ and hit me on my leg. That is how I got this wound [pointing to the leg].”

Continuing, she said: “After he thoroughly beat me, I felt weak; he completely undressed me and raped me.”

Ms Unwana said she is from Ikot Ocho Village while Hon Udoekong popularly known as Sunny Ikot Uko is from Odoro Ikot village both in Essien Udim local government area.

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She said when the councillor visited her house to take her away, her mother was there.

“It was on Friday [3 September 2021]. He visited my compound, my mother was there; because I took him as my elder brother and my senior uncle also.”

According to the victim, the following morning – after the incident – “I borrowed money from somebody and paid my way back home”.

“He did not give me transportation fare,” she said, adding that “since that day he has not said anything to me. He only said that day that if I ever tell anybody what has happened he would send people to kill me.”

Ms Unwana lamented that she has not been able to go to the hospital because of a lack of money.

“My mother hasn’t said anything because there’s no money to help.”

Akwa Ibom Councillor Beat


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