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FULL LIST: Good Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day As A Single With.. –

FULL LIST: Good Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day As A Single With…

FULL LIST: Good Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day As A Single With…

Another lovers’ day is upon us and this can make some people get in their feelings, which is okay and understandable.

You can love on yourself, enjoy the day, wear red if you want, or buy chocolates if you wish. The point is that you just have to enjoy life even though you don’t have a significant other at this time and that’s all we are about in this piece.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Don’t hide: It’s so easy to want to disappear on Valentine’s Day and show up two days after, when the love bug’s potency might have reduced. Resist the temptation to hide, treat the day like any other. If you feel like it, hang out with other single friends. Enjoy and go easy on yourself.

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

2. Make someone else’s Valentine’s day memorable: This will help shift the focus from you to another person. Give a thoughtful gift, call someone, spend time with someone you love and see how good that makes you feel.

3. Be kind to yourself: Like earlier stated, buy the chocolate if you want or gift yourself something nice. Whether it’s big or small, expensive or cheap, it’s all up to you. However, don’t hurt yourself by pretending that it’s from someone else.

4. Work on your New Year’s goals: While lovers celebrate, get some work done that would benefit you and your future.

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5. Just this additional info, maybe you should take a break from social media: Valentine’s Day is a good day to go old school and unplug, if you are single. You will see plenty of real and fake shows that can make you make a wrong decision like calling that ex of yours. Don’t do it. You’ll thank us later.


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