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BREAKING: Nigerian President To Die, Popular Cleric Revealed

BREAKING: Nigerian President To Die, Popular Cleric Revealed

Nigerian President may Die

Apostle Paul Okikijesu, has called religious leaders to pray against the death of Nigerian and Ivorian Presidents, Muhammadu Buhari and Alassane Ouattara.

In a statement on Saturday containing some prophecies, he said, “Pray against the death of Presidents of Nigeria and Ivory Coast.”

Nigerian President To Die

The cleric declared that a “brave person will pass away this month in Nigeria,” adding that the individual’s “death will make people to tremble,” and will have “a widespread effect on the nation.”

According to him, “Thus says the Lord: The religious leaders should pray quickly against the death of these Presidents, else it will happen.

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Nigerian President To Die

“They should pray to I, the Lord to bring down the hand of judgment, because one of these presidents is presently sick. Though I, the Lord am not happy but I want the repentance of the hearts of these presidents.

Nigerian President To Die
Nigerian President To Die

“Thus says the Lord: If people pray, I the Lord will postpone their death.

“The President of Nigeria will lose power due to disobedience:

“Thus says the Lord: I have warned him several times, but the hour has come when the judgment hand of I the Lord will come upon him because of his disobedience.

Nigerian President To Die

“He refused to obey My instructions because he feared humans. The president and those pushing him will be judged together; because I have given him ample time to change, but he did not change.

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“The time given to him to change is about to elapse; once the time expires, his government will be rejected and the government will be given to his neighbor who is better than him.”

Nigerian President To Die

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