Money Problem: Couple Fight, Undress Each Other In Public


Money Problem: Couple Fight, Undress Each Other In Public

It was a shame to see Couple Fight Undress Each Other In Public because of money problem.

A love triangle turned ugly for woman who was being duped money by her alleged lover.

Cases of lovers or partners duping each other money are on the increase and off late, they have been at an alarming rate.

These incidents are being reportedly mainly in the diaspora but today onlookers were treated to a free drama when a woman and her lover undressed each other in the CBD as they were fighting over US$2500.

Money Problem
Money Problem

In the video, the woman was saying her lover was trying to take her money by force.

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She is heard saying that the lover had taken USD$2500 from her purse and was refusing to give the money back.

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This led to the woman retaliating by tearing apart the clothes the man was wearing. She undressed him until his pr!vates were exposed.


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