List Of Boko Haram Commanders Arrested By ISWAP, Full List


List Of Boko Haram Commanders Arrested By ISWAP, Full List

Information reaching us that ISWAP Arrested some Boko Haram Commanders

The Islamic State of the West African Province (ISWAP) under the new leadership of Abu-Musad Albarnawy has taken over all territories under the control of late Abubakar Shekau in a major revenge onslaught against the former Boko Haram leader.

Sources knowledgeable about the terrorists’ groups said the ISWAP faction has arrested 30 top commanders loyal to the late Boko Haram leader.

Boko Haram Commanders

Boko Haram Commanders
Boko Haram Commanders

Some of the commanders and others arrested include:

1. Abdul Bash, Commander Parisu

2. Abu Mujaheed, Commander of Sabil Huda

3. Mala Ali, Commander of Farisu

4. Amir Hassana, Commander Garin Dambe

5. Malam Bako, Commander Hizba

6. Amir Halid, Commander Njimiya Falluja, Commander Garin Mala

7.  Abu-Fatima, Commander, Gwashke

8. Kaka BK, Commander Garin Abu Asmau.

9. Alai Bukar, Commander Mina Ngawri

10. Abu-Ubaida, Commander Jungle Gabra in Pulka

11. Amir Abdulrahman, Commander, Gobara

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12.  Abu Muhammad, Commander Alava

13. Ali Shara, Commander Yuwe Hanyan Bama

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14. Amir Huzayfa, Commander Yuwe Hanyan Welcome

15. Abubakar Sarki, Commander Yuwe Hanyan Konduga

16. Ibn Abbas, Commander Barin Bulla Yaga

17. Ali Ngule, Commander Madara Mountain

18. Ummati Mai Shayi, Commander Madara Mountain

19.  Mala Musa Abuja, the Chief Bomb Maker

20. Mallam Bana Sharra, Chief Judge to Shekau faction, located at Garin Mala Hassan

21. Baba Dr. Konduga, Chief Medical Doctor
22. Alava Road, Ma’azu Dan Lokodisa, the Chief Prison Officer

23. Alai Abba, the Caretaker of Women, children

24. Mala Musa, Chief Mechanic Officer, located at Parisu

25. Abu Zaid, Chief Bombmaker, located at Parisu

26. Abu Aisha Special Clearance operations Unit, Fairs

27. Amir Okasha, Bomb Timer,

28. Farisu and Amir Awana

29. Among other terrorists.

It was gathered that following the death of Shekau, ISWAP fighters in over 30 gun trucks and dozens of motorcycles stormed Sambisa forest forcing the Boko Haram Commanders loyal to Shekau to surrender or face instant execution.

The source added that Abu-Musad Albarnawy, who had gone underground for a while now, was reportedly re-appointed as the new leader of ISWAP in the Northeast war theatre by the ISIS leadership which has become the major source of strength for the insurgents.

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The source further said ISWAP stormed Shekau’s camp’s general area “following massive protests against his leadership style after he had eliminated some top Boko Haram Commanders including Abu-Fatima, his Chief of Staff who doubled as the Operation Commander within the past one month”.

ISWAP then concluded that with all the mistakes, Shekau was derailing against the main cause they had charted for themselves and that it was time for him to be taken out by force of arms.

Meanwhile, Albarnawi, who claimed he had received directives from the ISIS, maintained that he had been designated by the Amir al Muminin (the IS Caliph) to take over and coordinate all activities of the insurgents under one umbrella for easy movement of funds, weapons, and materials.

“The ISWAP and Boko Haram have been engaged in several infighting for superiority among factions resulting in the elimination of dozens of Boko Haram fighters from both sides within the past five years”.

Boko Haram Commanders


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