BREAKING: Oil Companies Get 30 Days Ultimatum To Vacate Ijaw Nation

BREAKING: Oil Companies Get 30 Days Ultimatum To Vacate Ijaw Nation

Information reaching Ibom Focus that Oil Companies get 30 Days ultimatum To Vacate Ijaw Nation

The Ijaw militants, have given all Oil companies in Ijaw Nation 30 days, to vacate all Ijaw Nation territories.

The Ijaw Renewal Movement, leader, General Ditari, while speaking from Gbaramatu, say that the Ijaw people have been overly marginalized, that all other peoples mineral resources, are for them alone, only Ijaw crude oil is for everybody.
He also said that Ijaw nation, is the only place in the whole world with so much crude oil, and the people still suffer in so much evil metted on them by the Nigerian system.

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Vacate Ijaw Nation

Vacate Ijaw Nation

The Ijaw Nation takes care of the whole Nigeria, and all they get in return is Balkanization and marginalization, into more than 6 States when all Ijaws share perfect boundaries with each other.

The 3 percent they claim they gave Ijaws, out of 100 percent, Ijaw will still share it with every area crude oil pipelines pass through.
Every other peoples mineral resources are for them alone, Zamfara and other Northern States gold, are for them alone, it’s only Ijaw crude oil that is for everybody.

The ultimatum starts September 25 to October 25.

Saying that the Ijaw people who take bribes, it’s little from their own money they take from and give to them, and how can people be bribed with their own money.
Ijaw Republic have been declared since September 1st 2021 and the Ijaw people cannot be in another country, and be giving their wealths to other areas, while neglecting their own.

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General Ditari also added that all hostilities will fully resume in Ijaw Nation, from the 26 of October, and all oil companies in Ijaw territories should voluntarily leave for their own safety, before the 26 day of October

Vacate Ijaw Nation

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