Two Women Caught Selling Stolen Babies –

Two Women Caught Selling Stolen Babies

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Two Women Caught Selling Stolen Babies

Two women have been caught in Enugu State with a set of stolen triplets while attempting to sell them off to some unknown child traffickers.

A video shared on Facebook shows the moment two women were caught by some persons while trying to give out stolen infants in exchange for money.

The first woman to be interrogated revealed that she is not married but currently pregnant for a fashion designer whom she identified as Ifeanyi.

She added that the father of her unborn baby who is also living in Enugu State is aware of the illegal business that she is into. The lady also disclosed that her partner in crime is her sister and also the one who lured her into the business.

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The other woman, identified as Nnena Eze, revealed that she hailed from Ezzah in Ebonyi State, adding that she got married to a man from Cross River State, Ifeanyi Udozor.

Eze further stated that she had given birth to a child before but lost the baby as death took him away from her.

Stolen Babies

When asked how come about the stolen babies, she revealed that the triplets were kidnapped from a Hausa woman.

The three babies could be seen lying silently on a mini mattress and the two women were beaten thoroughly by the angry youths.


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