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How My Mom Hides In My Room To Smoke weed with me when her mother comes – Seun Kuti Reveals

How My Mom Hides In My Room To Smoke Weed With Me When Her Mother Comes – Seun Kuti Reveals

Seun Kuti says How My Mom Hides In My Room To Smoke weed with me when her mother comes

Famous Afrobeat legend, Fela’s youngest son, Seun Kuti has revealed his mother, Fehintola Kuti smoked with him in his younger days.

During an episode of ‘Spill the Tea’ with the Abebes, the 38-year-old afrobeat singer explained his mom started smoking before his birth and continued after.

According to Seun, she would sneak into his room just to hide from her mom whenever she came visiting just to smoke weed.

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Seun Kuti shares a photo of his late mum…
The Egypt 80 band leader further noted his mother never really had to courage to tell her mom she smokes.

Seun Kuti
Seun Kuti

Bigbird said: “My mom was smoking till she had me, she told me so. Smoking after she had me. I have pictures of me as a baby with her with joint in her hand.

“My mom, you know like, even when I started smoking, we used to smoke together.

“And the funniest times were like, when her own mom comes from Ikpotutu to stay with us and my mom’s mom doesn’t know my mom smokes.

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“So my mom has to run to my room to hide and smoke weed with me from her mom. So we are both smoking in my room, hiding from her mom.

“So I’m saying to her, you know; “go and deal with your mom. My mom knows I smoke. Go and deal with your problem. You are cramping my style. Please mom, go and meet your mom and explain.”

“You know my grandma is really old school so, my mom couldn’t tell her mom.”

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