VIDEO: Policeman Escapes Death As Heavily Beaten By Angry Civilian, See Reason –

VIDEO: Policeman Escapes Death As Heavily Beaten By Angry Civilian, See Reason

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Policeman Escapes Death As Heavily Beaten By Angry Civilian

This is definitely not the first time a police officer is being brutalized or beaten in public. We have seen this happen over the years.

But after the inspector general of the Ghana police, George Akuffo Dampare took the mantle, things have changed.

The police are now making the term the police is your friend materialize.

Earlier this week, the Ghana police with the help of their surveillance cameras were able to capture some vehicles that were breaking road traffic rules.

Some of them bypassed when they saw red lights and some did unnecessary overtaking and many others and the police were able to publish their number plates on their platforms.

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This video of a police man and a civilian who happen to be a trotro driver was intense and dissatisfying.

From what we saw in the video, the police officer had unlawfully taken the car keys of this angry driver who combatted him for the keys.

The conversation or arguments around the fights indicated that the police officer had an idea of who the young man was and was not a stranger.

Policeman Escapes Death
Policeman Escapes Death

He mentioned his name, Manu on several accounts and asked him to be careful, but before he could say jack, there were loads of hits on his face.

The young man allegedly called Manu, which was the name the police man called him with battled the police without fear or remorse.

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The Ghana police have always issued an official statement during the aftermath of such issues and speak about how to deal with these issues as well.

However, there have been no such information from the police on how to deal with this issue and the circulating video as well.

The police are also advised to be as professional as they can be and avoid getting physical especially with unharmed civilians who might only retaliate upon threats.


Policeman Escapes Death


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