Nigeria Has No Future- Chief Imam Blows Hot –

Nigeria Has No Future- Chief Imam Blows Hot

Chief Imam says Nigeria Has No Future

The Grand Chief Imam of Offa, Sheik Muiydeen Salman Hussein has expressed worry about the future of the country as a result of insecurity that has become rife in Nigeria.

The cleric who opined that Nigeria has no future revealed this during Is-Hab Islamic Foundation Ramadan lecture held at Osunte Junction, Offa.

While addressing the topic about the Future of Nigeria, Sheik Muiydeen noted reasons why he said the future of the country is in shamble.

Nigeria Has No Future-

He noted that the important personalities and the rulers are not working towards a prosperous Nigeria. Adding that they only work for their selfish interest rather than for the growth of the country.

He said, “The rulers have eaten the future of Nigeria. How will a country be better where criminality is abetted by the people at the helm of affairs while the accused works freely without justice.”

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He faulted the leaders who encourage youths and use youths to stir political crisis by buying firearms for youths to cause mayhem in society.

Talking about the corrupt nature of the country, he referred to how strike action has crippled the educational sector in the country. He added that many appointments and employments are no more offered by merit but through solid connections which have destroyed the future of the country.

Sheik Muiydeed reacted to the attack on the Kaduna-Abuja train and lamented how the transport routes in the country turned into death traps due to the negligence of people in power to provide adequate security.

Among other reasons why he said Nigeria’s future is in jeopardy are clerics and traditionalists who embrace and fortify criminals to carry out heinous acts like robbery, and kidnapping. He also noted that the wealthy use wealth to oppress the poor with jamboree and profligacy spending. He added that the lavish attitude of the big wigs at events encourages struggling youths to engage in rich by force syndrome which has affected the future of the country.

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Others contributing to the relapse future of the country as analyzed by Chief Imam are the dogmatic worshippers who are deep-rooted in aberrant behavior and business monopoly which has crippled the future of the country by not giving others a free hand to business which could have built alternative in the production of goods and services in the country.

He, therefore, concluded that until youths stand to their feet and abhor being subjugated by the Politicians who only engage them in riots. He said Nigeria will be better if personality supersedes party in elections and if youths can avoid hard drugs and marijuana which are factors affecting the future of youths and Nigeria as a whole.


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