Man Cαught Trying To Cut The Throαt Of A Child –

Man Cαught Trying To Cut The Throαt Of A Child

Information reaching Ibom Focus says that Man Cαught Trying To Cut The Throαt Of A Child

Residents of the city of Touba were all shocked by a fact that is cruelty and animosity. A young man in his prime tried to take the life of an innocent little girl.

Indeed, the facts took place in Touba, more precisely in the district known as TP. It was around 5 p.m. that the manager of an auto garage noticed a suspicious movement that caused him to remain on his guard.

It was a young man who was walking hastily in the of a little girl whom he was barely dragging behind him in the direction of a brushwood located a few meters from the said garage.

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All these suspicious signs forced the mechanic to put his senses on the alert. So a few moments later, the latter alerted two of his apprentices so that they could closely follow the actions of the suspect.

This is how the two “spies” followed the young boy to his lair. Once at the scene, they were shocked to find that the suspect had managed to make the girl sleep in a gutter.

Throαt Of A Child

Throαt Of A Child

Then holding a knife in his hand, he was about to commit the irreparable. After arresting him, the 2 apprentices took the suspect to the police station where he was questioned.

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According to the revelations of the Touba Brigade, it would be a certain TA, an apprentice driver only 15 years old. As for the little girl, her name is KS aged 03; daughter of KY and DM, their names have been abbreviated to hide their identities for now

Finally, thanks to the vigilance of the mechanic and the promptness of his two apprentices, the 3 year old girl was able to have a safe life. Moreover, although the reasons for this very suspicious practice have not yet been revealed by the police, some people believe that it is a secret practice for profit.

Throαt Of A Child


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