Again: Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah For Eating During Ramadan In Kano

Again: Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah For Eating During Ramadan In Kano

Information reaching us that, Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah For Eating During Ramadan

The Sharia police officials of the Kano State Hisbah Board have arrested eight women and three men for eating during Ramadan.

They were arrested in a raid by Hisbah personnel at Tudun Murtala of Nassarawa Local Government and Sharada area of Kano Municipal, where they were found eating

The Acting Commandant General, Musa Kibiya, said that the board made the arrest after getting some information from the residents of the two areas at different times.

“The residents of the area feed us with information and when we went to Tudun Murtala, we found five women and three men eating in broad daylight.

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“At Sharada, we were able to arrest three women.”

He added that what those people did is against the teaching of Islam.

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But the arrested people denied committing what they were accused of, saying they have their reasons for that.

The girls said that they did not fast because they saw their period, a circumstance that disallows fast.

Males Arrested By Hisbah
Males Arrested By Hisbah

Dr Kibiya said that the board would investigate the matter to find out those with a genuine reason for not observing the fast.

Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah

He added that the board would continue with the raid on other places in the state to fish out those who don’t want to observe the fast.

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Recall that on Thursday, Hisbah arrested some youths in the state for eating in the daytime during Ramadan. The officials arrested three males and eight females.

“We will investigate, and if they have compelling reasons, we will release them. However, those found wanting will be enlightened and even prosecuted if need be,” Dr. Kibiya had said.

Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah

He said a woman should not be seen eating in public during fasting, “for whatever reason,” adding that the board would arrest anyone found to be eating during the day.

“Fasting is compulsory for healthy, adult Muslims in the month of Ramadan except for the traveller, menstruating women or old people.”

Women, Males Arrested By Hisbah

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