REVEALED: Abba Kyari Responsible For The Killing Of The Following Nigerians, Full Details


REVEALED: Abba Kyari Responsible For The Killing Of The Following Nigerians, Full Details

How Abba Kyari Responsible For The Killing Of The Followings

Inibehe Effiong, A lawyer, has weighed in on the recent indictment of DCP Abba Kyari by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI over his involvement with Fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abass popularly known as “Ray Hushpuppi”.

US court documents released on Thursday reveal that Kyari took orders and bribes from Hushpuppi. He was instrumental in helping hushpuppi to arrest and detain another fraudster, Vincent, whom he (hushpuppi) had a fall out with.

Effiong in a statement on his Facebook page, disclosed that Kyari and his team of police officers known as the ‘Intelligence response team’ or ‘IRT’ for short were responsible for the arrest and murder of several Nigerians.

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He wrote: “Abba Kyari has a notorious and frightening history of abuse of human rights. Many Nigerians have been arrested, detained, and even murdered by IGP Response Team led by Kyari.”

“Kyari has no respect for court orders or rule of law. He is celebrated because Nigeria is a crime scene.

Abba Kyari Responsible

Abba Kyari Responsible
Abba Kyar

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While it is true that he has been successful in resolving criminal cases, his modus operandi has been very controversial.

If we’re going to have a democratic and civilized country, we must insist that enforcers of the law follow the law. Kyari is not above the law.”

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“Those who are trying to divert attention from the indicting and scandalous documents from the FBI should understand that the United States is not Nigeria where institutions of the state are weak, corrupt, and vulnerable to ethnic and religious sentiments and partisan interests.”

“American institutions are not perfect. But they are largely above board. Most of us knew before now that Hushpuppi had a questionable source of income.

That is not the kind of character that a “super cop” should associate with. Abba Kyari should be extradited to the US. Period.”

Abba Kyari Responsible


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