2023 Presidency: Governor Wike Release 10 Point Agenda, Full List –

2023 Presidency: Governor Wike Release 10 Point Agenda, Full List

Following the 2023 Presidency, information reaching Ibom Focus says that Governor Wike Release 10 Point Agenda

The Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has released his 10 Point Agenda that he will work on.

The 10 Point Agenda are;

1. Insecurity — one of the major problem that is needed to be solve in this country is insecurity because if life and property is not secured every other agenda is dead.
My government will set a security policy which is the deployment of national, state and community police that will be operating under autonomy system and there will be Establishment of civilian spy that will ring out secretly on potential security treats in our various states and community.

2. Government of national unity. Nigeria is a country made up of different tribes and there is need for equity inorder for us to leave together has one. Need to create a government of national unity where every tribes will be recognised in a round table to settle disputes or any form of inequity within for a peaceful and United nation.

3. Creation of economic team. It is very clear a single man can’t be expect in every field, there for an economic team will be created where different expertise and professors on national economic growth will be formed immediately to tackle the issue of economic failure.

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4. Sport for business. There is need for the government to invest in sport, because from the western world sport has being a major tool to engage the youths. The same way sport is a business in the western world the same sport will be created has a business in Nigeria.

5. Creation of Hydro power systems and other light energy generation systems. Light is a major problem in our beloved country and my government will make sure 6 hydro power systems will be build on the 6 political zones and other light energy generation systems will also be deployed.

10 Point Agenda

6. Reform of our education system and health system. It is very clear that the education and health system of Nigeria is one of the poorest in Africa and there is need to reform the above system in our country.
Education reform budget will be prepared every year which will be strictly and properly use to reform our education system.
The same way health reform budget will be prepared every year to reform our health system.

7. State production. Every state will go back to the drawing table to know what best can be produced in your state and the requirements needed to enforce the production process because my government will make sure every state must generate revenue from production process. This one of the way employment can be generated for our growing population.

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8. Creation of national technology team. This is 21st century and the world is growing so fast in technology and there is need for the creation of national technology team to flow with the fast growing knowledge in technology. This government will make sure very practical technology training centers will be build and strictly enforced which will also engage our youths in the field of tech. Like programming, cyber security app development artificial intelligence and etc this will engage our youths to earn personal funds, self employed has freelancers world wide.

9. Fight against corruption: it is very true that corruption has killed our country and my government will strictly fight against corruption without sparing your level in society.

10. Autonomy of judiciary. If the law most be obeyed then there is need for the words of the judge to be respected my government will create autonomy to judiciary.


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