Igbos Can Never Produce Nigeria’s President, Soludo –

Igbos Can Never Produce Nigeria’s President, Soludo

Soludo says Igbos Can Never Produce Nigeria’s President

Anambra governor Chukwuma Soludo on Monday said the Igbos need to learn Nigerian politics as “frenzied nzogbu nzogbu politics” won’t favour the South-East.

“Igbos, in their frenzied nzogbu nzogbu politics, have sadly found themselves in a political cul de sac. Tragic indeed! When will my people smell the morning coffee?

“When will Ndigbo understand and learn politics, especially of Nigeria?” Mr Soludo said.

The Anambra governor made this statement on his Facebook page, stating that the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, was not a sure route to Igbo presidency.

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Mr Soludo was responding to criticisms that greeted his comment during an interview where he described Mr Obi’s investments for Anambra to be “worth next to nothing”.

Urging for the Igbos to align with his All Progressives Grand Alliance party, Mr Soludo cited how “under Tinubu, the South West strategically organised under a different political party, the ACN and went into a formidable alliance that kicked out a sitting president”.

Mr Soludo’s statement comes amid clamour for a president of South-East extraction. Dominated by Igbos, the South-East is among the geo-political zones yet to produce a Nigerian president since the country returned to democratic rule in 1999.


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