Tension In Nigeria, Many Losing Jobs As Google Close Many Media Firms’ AdSense Accounts

Tension In Nigeria, Many Losing Jobs As Google Close Many Media Firms’ AdSense Accounts

It was a thing of shock on Friday morning when some Publishers, bloggers wake up to discovered that their AdSense account has been disabled, closed by Google Nigeria.

According to one of the blogger, Dominic Edem aka Dee who is Publisher of Naija News House said his account which attached with Naija News House has been disabled and closed.

Blogger lamented losing money and monthly income.

Dee said many of his colleagues called him and complaint the same thing.

AdSense account is where all media firms, bloggers, Publishers normally received their payment if google approved your websites.

AdSense Accounts

According to one of the message from Google:

Your Google Publisher account has been disabled


This email is to alert you that your publisher account (Publisher Code: pub….) was found to be non-compliant with the AdSense program policies and as a result, it has been disabled. Because of this, the ability to serve and monetize through all products which depend on AdSense will be disabled (for example, AdMob and YouTube).

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We continually review all publishers according to our program policies. During a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in compliance with the following policies:

Violations found:

Account related to a disabled account:
Our specialists have found that your account is related to an account that was disabled for violations of AdSense policies. Publishers whose accounts have been disabled are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.

Publishers disabled for invalid traffic and/or violations of our publisher policies may be eligible for a final payment of the portion of their revenue that has not been identified as invalid. Upon account disablement, a 30-day payment hold is put in place to enable calculation of this final payment (where applicable). Following this 30-day period, please visit to view your remaining eligible balance (if any) and arrange for payment. Deductions from your final balance for invalid traffic and/or publisher policy violations will be refunded to affected advertisers where appropriate and possible.

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Please note that this step was taken in an effort to maintain the quality of our networks and to protect the interests of our advertisers. Once you’ve made changes to your properties to correct the violation and believe that they fully comply with the program policies, you can notify us through our appeals form. When we receive your appeal, we’ll do our best to acknowledge it quickly and will proceed with appropriate action as necessary. Note that there’s no guarantee that your account will be reinstated. Due to the volume of appeals we receive, you must leave 90 days between the resolution of one appeal and the submission of another. Consequently you should take care to ensure that your account is free of policy violations before you submit your appeal.


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