Buhari, Other Corrupt Politicians Are “Terrible Mistake” For Nigeria, Says Utomi

Buhari, Other Corrupt Politicians Are “Terrible Mistake” For Nigeria, Says Utomi

Patrick Utomi, A former presidential aspirant, has given a damning verdict on Nigerian politicians in a sweeping characterisation that includes President Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, and other political figures across various party lines.

Corrupt Politicians
Corrupt Politicians

According to him, Nigeria’s politics is annoying.

Utomi said, “The calibre of people who became politicians in Nigeria is a terrible mistake for our country. People have travelled from citizenship to idiocy.”

Utomi is now describing the country’s politicians as a terrible mistake for the citizens.

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A politician himself, the economics professor, stated this at the 26th Annual Pre-Ramadan Lecture held in Lagos.

“Nigeria is travelling in the wrong direction. This is the problem. The gap between them and us is pushed in this emotional pulse,” Utomi was quoted to have said by Punch.

Corrupt Politicians
Corrupt Politicians

“We seem to stumble from crisis to crisis. In Nigeria, everything you say that seems to be structured, people dismiss it. They say, ‘Na grammar we go chop?’

“They forgot that every action starts from a theory. But this anti-intellectual disposition, not thinking, makes us create mountains in a small manhole and put our country in a state of permanent crisis.

“We seem unable to have a rational conversation. Nigeria politics irritates, annoys me because it is not dealing with issues people are dealing with.”

Corrupt Politicians


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